Dominican Republic and Wisconsin ignite new partnership

The Wisconsin Credit Union League and Asociacion de Instituciones Rurales de Ahorro y Credito sign an International Partnership agreement through WOCCU's International partnerships department at Wauwatosa Credit Union in Wauwatosa, Wis.

On Tuesday, November 6, six representatives from Asociacion de Instituciones Rurales de Ahorro y Credito (AIRAC) traveled to Wisconsin to meet with the Wisconsin Credit Union League and experience technical visits at credit unions throughout the state of Wisconsin. AIRAC and WCUL have been pursuing a partnership through WOCCU’s International Partnership Program. During this trip, a partnership between the two entities was made a reality through the signing of a partnership agreement.

In Pewaukee, WI, the representatives met with Brett Thompson, CEO of WCUL, and were given a presentation about the history, function, and operations of the league. Afterwards, the group was given technical tours of the headquarters and two branches of Wisconsin’s largest credit union, Landmark Credit Union. The representatives also made a stop at one of the Wisconsin Shared Service Center to learn about how shared branching works in the U.S.

The final stop of the first day was Wauwatosa Credit Union where the group viewed credit union operations and met with Dean Wilson, Board Chairman of WCUL. There, the group signed the partnership agreement.

On the next day, the representatives made their way to Madison, WI to visit Heritage Credit Union where they received presentations about IT, targeted marketing, and online banking.

The representatives were also able to learn about the regulation and laws that credit unions face in Wisconsin from their meeting with the Department of Financial Institutions where they were able to converse with Lorrie Keating Heinemann, Cabinet Secretary of the Department of Financial Institutions and Suzanne Cowan, Director of the Office of Credit Unions. The group finished the day by visiting the office of WOCCU.

The group spent the final day in Marshfield, WI and Appleton, WI visiting Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union and Prospera Credit Union. During those visits, the representatives were able to have one on one discussions with local credit union CEOs and board members.

By the end of the visit, both parties were pleased with the opportunities the new partnership will bring and have hopes of many reciprocal exchanges and visits between the two countries.

Written by Josh Fetting, International Partnerships Program Specialist


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